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OPMS Kratom Herbal Supplements Millenium Smoke Shop
OPMS has been an industry-leading supplier of Kratom extract for more than 5 years. Millenium Smoke Shop is an authorized dealer of OPMS products and you will always get fresh, authentic goods at a competitive low price.  By using O.P.M.S.’s patented extraction process, they have set a new quality standard in the botanicals market.

High Pressure / Cold Water extraction is the only method to date that yields a truly, unadulterated, full-spectrum isolate from the Mitragyna Genus. O.P.M.S. has studied countless extraction methodologies in efforts to elucidate the safest, most natural, and effective way to remove the entire (full-spectrum) alkaloid fraction found within the Kratom plant. However, O.P.M.S. has always arrived at a roadblock. No single method could produce an extract that encompassed the entire alkaloid fraction. All modern methodologies would remove a more selective range of phytochemicals that would often overlap with the alkaloids but never remove them entirely. This seemed to be the most fundamental issue with the modern science of botanical extracts concerning this plant.

To remedy this, O.P.M.S. started with the plant, the most critical element of the entire process. O.P.M.S. characterized all apparent alkaloids of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant and then determined the most optimal conditions to safely and effectively remove each individual component.
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