NKD: Strawberry Mango Ice 0 Nic Flavoring

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Naked100 has made it easy for DIY e-juice makers to create their own concoctions. Presenting Naked100's NKD Multi-purpose flavor concentrates! These concentrated flavors range from classic Naked100 favorites to their new fusion flavors that are perfectly blended. Simply mix the flavor shot with a 30ml bottle of Nicotine Base to achieve a perfectly balanced 30ml Salt! Each flavor bottle is 15ml of your preferred flavor, & with the special bottle design, it is simple to mix the nicotine concentrate and flavor concentrate—all you need to do is connect both bottle tips and pour the flavor into the nicotine concentrate.

How To Use:
1) Take your 15mL flavor concentrate and 30mL nicotine base and remove the caps.
2) Simply flip and connect your 15ml flavor concentrate's tip to the tip of the Nicotine Concentrate
3) Squeeze the 15ml bottle to empty your flavor concentrate to the 30ml bottle until empty.
4) Close the 30ml bottle and shake well to mix.

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