Authenticity Matters Millenium Smoke Shop

In the world of lifestyle products, vapes, and smoking devices, there is a disturbing trend.  Some not so savvy manufacturers have out of the USA manufacturing plants that are able to reproduce authentic product, make it look similar, act similar, even taste similar, but they are counterfeit products.  These counterfeit products are not regulated by safety standards and can be dangerous to use.  Counterfeit products also do not perform as their original authentic counterparts.  Some not so savvy retailers are still willing to stock these products and deliver them for use and sometimes consumption by their customers.  These retailers take advantage of dodging import taxes, nicotine enforcements, and generally a slightly lower cost of goods that the authentic product.  They do share the savings with the consumers while enjoying strong profits.  When they get caught, they get shut down or arrested, but not before they are able to prey upon trusting customers, attracting them with super low prices.  In the end the products they deliver have problems.  The batteries do not work as designed.  The flavors are not authentic or created in an environment approved by the FDA or EPA.  The batteries in disposable products are known to "blow up" or leak dangerous alkali liquids.

Authenticity Matters Millenium Smoke Shop

The law is cracking down on these retailers.  In August of 2019, Long Island / Nassau County , three men including a father, his two sons and were arrested in a counterfeit vaping bust.  The counterfeit vaping equipment had a retail value of about 1.5 million dollars and $140,000 in cash was also seized from five store and two residential homes throughout Long Island.  The stores included Card Smart Store in Levittown, East Meadow and Commack and the Smoke and Vape Store in East Meadow.  Products were also sold online and on marketplaces like eBay.  Search warrants in these locations led to the arrests of the three men and all were charged with trademark counterfeiting.  Officials stated that the trio labeled their products as Logic brand.  Logic is a legitimate electronic cigarette brand, but authorities said these products were not real at all.  

Counterfeit products have raised health concerns, especially since it is next to impossible for consumers to tell the difference between what is real and what is not.  The best thing to do is to purchase your products from authorized dealers.  Do not get tempted by super low prices.  Just know that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.  It is not worth saving a few dollars to risk your health.  Millenium Smoke Shop understands this and will not expose our customers to such dangerous products.

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