Millenium Reload Program Millenium smoke shop item replacement
We have all had it happen. You are rolling right along, loving your new toy and all of a sudden it stops working. And, at some time or another, you or your buddy accidently breaks your pipe, bong, water pipe, bubbler, MOD, or vaporizer. You then have to go back to the website or store and have to purchase another one at the full price.

As you can probably tell, we have you covered! Introducing the Millenium Reload Program. With this program, you can protect your gear with a 1 year replacement warranty that covers 50% of the original cost of your now broken gear and gives you a credit in that amount towards something new. It does not have to be the same item, same brand, or even the same type of item. You can use the credit towards the purchase of something else.

The Details:

Here is how you take advantage of the Millenium Reload Program. Pick out the item or item you desire on our website. Select to add the Millenium Reload Program. The price comes to 20% of the purchase price. When you get your item, if it accidently breaks within 1 year, request a return for the item using the Returns tab on the footer of our website. Package up your product in the original packaging if possible. Then ship the item back to us. After we receive your product, we will perform a quality check on the item. If it is broken, we will send you a coupon code in the amount equal to 50% of the price you paid for the item. So, if your product price was $100, you get $50 towards the purchase of a replacement. Pick out your replacement, apply your promo code, pay the difference between the new product price and the protection coverage amount. We will ship your new item to you using USPS Priority Mail so you get it fast. When it arrives, your game is back on!

Product Price: $100.00
Millenium Reload Program: $ 20.00

Replacement Coverage: $ 50.00
Replacement Item Price: $100.00

You Pay Only: $ 50.00 for the new item!
*The Millenium Reload Program can be purchased with your replacement order at an additional cost.

The Millenium Reload Program must be purchased at the time you are making your order. Otherwise, our standard 30 day return program will apply. If your item breaks or stops working properly and you did not purchase the Millenium Reload Program, your replacement cost will not be covered. Be sure to add Millenium Reload Program to every item you purchase from us.

Some items are not eligible for this program. Coils, Atomizers, paper products, cigars, leaf tobacco, Shisha, Charcoal, Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, product cleaners are not eligible for the Millenium Reload Program.

Items in the following categories are not eligible for the Millenium Reload Program:
Hookah Tobacco
Cleaning Supplies
Rolling Papers
Rolling Trays
E-Liquids for Pod Systems
Salt Nic
Herbal Supplements
Cream Chargers
Lighters and Torches

Upon inspection of your item, if it is clogged, need of cleaning or basic user maintenance you will have the opportunity to use your credit to have us attempt to repair the item and ship it back to you.

Protection with the Millenium Reload Program expires 1 year following your original purchase date.