Waterpipe, Studenglass X Cookies, Gravity Infuser

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The Cookies glass gravity hookah bong from Stundenglass is a premium quality glass bong or hookah pipe which uses the universal force of gravity to create the ultimate smoking experience.

Constructed from sleek aluminium and tough borosilicate glass, the Gravity Hookah rotates 360° on its stand, displacing the water inside the chamber, harnessing gravity to deliver a cool, smooth smoke via the flexible hookah hose.

The Stundenglass hookah pipe is designed with elegance and form in mind. The sleek lines and high-end finish make this bong an ideal centrepiece for parties and extended sessions. The materials used to make the piece are of the highest quality “ aircraft-grade aluminium and super-tough pyrex glass.

This exquisite glass hookah pipe is available now from PureSativa and comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty and free UK shipping on all retail orders.

What's in the box?

1. Glass & Aluminum Hookah
2. Glass Globes
3. Male-To-Male Hookah Bowl Adapter
4. Hookah Bowl
5. Hookah Wand
6. Coal Tray
7. Flower Bowl
8. 3-Foot Hose

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