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The Heera is an all-time favorite due to its timeless diamond-style base. From Mya's QT and Co. Collection, the Heera is a mini version of our renowned cage hookahs.

MYA's Heera 256z is the smallest from our collection of Hookahs to feature a stainless steel stem and has been paired with a modern clay phunel style burner. The Heera base is offered in clear glass, and 5 different color stem combinations.

This Hookah is  a perfect addition to any Tiny Hookah Collection, unlike any other this tiny hookah comes in a wire basket, commonly known as cage hookah. 



Base 4.3" Tall  4.7" wide
256z Stainless Steel Stem 3.5" Tall
DHW-2020-007 Burner 5" Tall
Weight 2.5lbs
Stem Hose Capability 1 Hose Only

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