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Product: Mothership Clear Ball Dab Rig Glass Black
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Mothership Clear Ball dab rig in glass and black color is the essence of the Ball Rig is conveyed through its bold, clean lines. While it may appear basic at first, the deeper one looks the more he or she will appreciate its complex, yet clean design. The inner sphere, or “Ball” which the downstem penetrates through, is almost perfectly round, seemingly floating inside the outer ball. This acts as an amazingly effective splash guard as well as water re-director and water volume reducer. The construction of The Ball Rig incorporates the highest quality tooling and materials with a myriad of scientific glassblowing techniques to create one of the most subtly unique pieces in the Mothership lineup with functional performance to match.

The journey through the Ball Rig starts with the custom tooled Mothership female joint, braced to the outer shell. The downstem then travels at a 33 degrees angle through the entire piece, until it loops around the back and into the 72 hole Flower of Life perc. This sends diffused bubbles rushing straight towards the base of the internal ball incorporating both percolation and splash reduction effects. The roundness of the outer ball encourages the water to follow its form up and around the top of the sphere before rolling down the inner wall back to the percolation chamber below. The Ball Rig sits atop a firm and stable foundation of monolithic proportions; often times reaching 15mm in thickness. The Mothership logo is deeply etched into the underside of base and neck.

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