Hookah | Mya | Blaze 123

Style: Sky Blue
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Introducing Mya’s newest hookah, the Blaze 123. Our Blaze 123 stands 21 inches tall and only weighs 4.12 pounds, while still being fully customizable for up to 4 hoses. Blaze 123 boasts a new Mya innovation of three different interchangeable stem color choices.

If you are looking for a new addition to your Mya collection that is equally as sturdy, yet eye-catching, look no further than our new Blaze 123!

Fully assembled, Mya’s Blaze 123 weighs 4.12 pounds, making it easily portable. It also stands at 21 inches tall. The vase of the Blaze 123 has a circumference of 14 inches at its widest point. Along with the customizable stem colors, this hookah can be modified to be 4 hose capable. At MYA, we strive for your hookah to make as much of a statement as you and we know there is no doubt this beauty will turn heads at your next social gathering!

Mya Blaze 123 Hookah Features:

4.12 Pounds
21 Inches Tall
14 Inch Circumference

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