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These Mya Minion Hookah are so cute, you’ll want to build an army of your own! Fully assembled, the Minion stands at 7″ tall. Comes with a solid color base, stem/downtube with attached burner, standard MYA plate, tongs, and matching leather hookah hose.

Mya Minion hookahs are 7″ tall and weigh less than 2lbs when fully assembled.

The Minion come with a triangular base made with solid color glass that will never fade. The widest portion of the base is 15″ in diameter and it will hold up to 8oz of water. The neck of the hookah base is 6″ in diameter and uses a rubber stem grommet to ensure a tight seal.

The Minion hookah stem is 8oz in weight and comes with the burner adapter attached to the stem, so it may not be converted. We have added a divot in the downtube about 3/4″ to the bottom – this NEW unique feature that we have incorporated into the Minion increases the amount of bubbles and sound produced.

The Minion is a single-hose capable hookah and comes with a matching standard leather MYA hose. A standard MYA plate and tongs are also included.

Your Minions are ready to be at your beck and call, all you need to do is bring them home.

Mya Minion Hookah Features:

Small Glsss Hookah

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