E-juice | Nic Fill | Nicotine Base Salt | 15ml

Strength: 50 MG
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NIC FILL is a premium quality solution for those searching for a silky, smooth nicotine base. NIC FILL is flavorless solution which can be used to create 30mL of of Salt Nicotine E-liquid; similar to a nic shot but in an already brewed fashion.

NIC-FILL comes in two variations based on your nicotine level preference: 35MG and 50MG. Each variation is made with the same, high quality ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine.

The days of myterious ingredients are over: NIC FILL is an all purpose e-liquid solution. Be safe, know what's in your liquid.

How To Use:
1) Take your 15mL flavor concentrate and 30mL nicotine base and remove the caps.
2) Simply flip and connect your 15ml flavor concentrate's tip to the tip of the Nicotine Concentrate
3) Squeeze the 15ml bottle to empty your flavor concentrate to the 30ml bottle until empty.
4) Close the 30ml bottle and shake well to mix.

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