SupremeWhip Platinum Edition Cream Chargers 100 Pack

Product: Platinum Edition 100 Pack
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Supreme Whip Platinum Black whipped cream chargers 100 pack contain 8.2 grams of 100% pure Nitrous Oxide. Has more n2o gas in each cartridge which is a better advantage over 8 gram cartridges.

It’s more economical than mechanical whipping. Boost up the volume of whipped cream. Create upto 1.5 liters of whipped cream from 0.5 cream for different desserts and beverages which gives more value for the money.

Supreme Whip cream chargers are perfect for standard cream dispensers. So it fits perfectly with any cream whipper. There’s no need to change or purchase a whipped cream dispenser just for this particular brand.

Coated with new black zinc chrome to prevent rust from kitchen moisture.No duds and leakage. Each cream charger is made from 100% recyclable steel from a high tech factory with 60+ years experience.

Supreme Whip cream chargers do not include oily residue or chemical aftertastes, that is because patented cleaning methods are used. There’s nothing else but quality and delicious whipped cream.

Supreme Whip Platinum Black Whipped Cream Chargers 100 Pack Features:

8.2 Grams Pure Nitrous Oxide Whipped Cream Canister
100 Pack

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