Wax Liquidizer Original

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Wax liquidizer Original vape juice for dabs & concentrates is a propriety blend of vape juices which can turn wax-based concentrates into a smooth, thin liquid, needed for vaping. It works with almost any type of concentrate, waxes , shatters and rosin for example. People who prefer concentrates can conveniently shift from the regular dabbing to vaping E-juice, load up their cartridge of choice  and vape wherever and whenever they want. Instead of a dabbing rig or bong ,which are cumbersome and very noticeable . Wax Liquidizer makes it possible to vape you very own concentrate.

Follow our simple 3-step mixing instructions to obtain an even consistency and viscosity in your E-liquid

Blend your herbal oils to create concentrated E-juice for hard-hitting vapours or diluted mixes for all-day vaping. Fill your cartridge, vaporise or atomiser and vape when and where you want. You will be vaping your very own home made delicious vape juice. Perfect for every day of the week.

Transform your favourite herbal concentrates into a tasty E-juice for an incredible vaping experience. We use only the finest ingredients, with no additives, nicotine or vegetable glycerin to compromise the performance of our Wax Liquidizer products.

How To Mix

  1. Add 1 gram of your concentrate to 2ml  of Wax Liquidizer into a mixing cup.
  2. Dissolve the mixture by heating either in a microwave for 10 seconds, then stir to obtain an even, smooth consistency or use the water bath method . Watch Youtube Video Below for instructions.
  3. Draw the beautifully-infused vape oil into a syringe( supplied with our kit deals ) add to your portable vaporizer or cartridge or even the Atom D8 1ml Disposable Vape Cartridge and enjoy!

We have a range of flavours to suit all tastes. None of our juices contain CBD or THC or Nicotine. We ship worldwide

How to vape CBD Concentrates

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