Waterpipe | Zob | Mini Straight Tube | Double UFO Percolators,18 Inch

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Fly into outer space with this UFO straight tube from Zob Glass. It's approx. 18 inches tall. This pipe has two UFO percolators in the tube, so you'll get crazy percolation. Your lungs will thank you for the cool, filtered smoke. The diffused down stem gives you an extra level of diffusion. This straight tube has a splash guard and a three prong ice pinch. It's made of 5mm. thick glass. The Zob standard 14mm. ground glass slide is included. Zob goes to great lengths to make sure each piece is one of a kind, so the label you get will most likely be different than the one pictured.

Zob 18 Inch Mini Straight Tube with Double UFO Percolators Features:

5mm Thick Glass

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