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Whether you dab daily, occasionally partake, or are just now getting introduced to the world of concentrates, an electronic nail or e-nail is something to consider. When you use an e-nail to heat up your dab, you are not constantly refilling or even having to buy a torch lighter which makes it convenient and cost effective. Also, an e-nail will have a digital display box and heating coil that puts you in complete temperature control. This prevents "burning" your lungs and also it makes getting those flavorful low-temperature dabs a cinch.

eNails are an upgrade to a dabber's traditional set up. They were extremely expensive when they were first introduced to the scene. Since then, their accessibility has increased and their price has lowered considerably. Before the eNail, a dabber would utilize a dab rig or water pipe and swap out the bowl for a "banger". A banger is a bowl for your concentrates. They are usually in a cup shape with a tubular end designed to be inserted in the down-stem of your "piece". The dabber would place their concentrate in the banger and heat the bottom of the banger up with a butane torch. This gets the concentrate extremely hot, so many dabbers will use a thermometer of some type. We find that the Terpometer is the most popular tool for this. Temperatures over 450 degrees Fahrenheit can cause pain in the lungs and extreme coughing. A super hot dab can be a shuttering experience.

eNails consist of a control box, heating coil, a quartz or titanium nail, and a power cord. The control boxes will display the temperature and will have controls to set the temperature of the coil. Some require batteries, but less portable models require a main power source.

E-Nails offer many plus sides over the traditional torch method including convenience, overall cost, temperature control and safety. Electronic nails take all of the guess work out of taking temperatures. With a butane torch, it will take some practice to get the heat just right. The eNail lets you find the right temperature and set it up. With an eNail, you can enjoy your dabs at your desired temperature with the flip of a switch. Adding the convenience of an eNail makes setting up your dabs a much more relaxed and low maintenance experience. You just need a rig, concentrates, and a power source. A wall plug works very well. Simply set the eNail to your desired temperature and enjoy. eNails can have an upfront cost, but most of these kits will last for a long time. When you compare this to constantly having to replace lighters and fill butane, it doesn't take long until the eNail is the more economic choice. The most important benefit is safety. Without having to use an open flame, the eNail makes dabbing a much safer experience.

How do you pick the right eNail, you say? I always consider price, customization, portability, and durability. Some eNails have self cleaning modes, custom heating times and cool down cycles. Less expensive eNails or "off brand" eNails may require the purchase of a nail as well. Unlike glass dab rigs, eNails do not have the same artisan craftsmanship. Some brands let you customize the exterior with a skin to wrap the unit and decorate it. The best eNail kits are made with high-quality materials that can stand the test of time and use. Solid exteriors will house the temperature control box. Cheaper modes can last a long time when taken care of well, but sturdier options can withstand falls, dents, and other wear and tear. If you are a dabber on the go, portability is super important. Many of the best desktop e-rigs or eNail units have an option run on a battery. While generally not as powerful, an e-rig like a Puffco Peak, Huni Badger, Focus V Carta, or HighFive Duo can get the job done in the great outdoors.

Galaxy eNails at Millenium Smoke Shop

Galaxy E-nails create products with the purpose of capturing the full flavor that nature intended. Galaxy Enails started as a small West Coast company that has seen such great success. The goal is simple. "To bring the highest quality products to market and drive the industry with cutting edge technology.

High Five Duo vaporizers eNail High5 Millenium Smoke Shop

Quality is never an accident at High Five. "It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives." This is paraphrased from a quote by William A Foster of High Five designs.

MiniNail eNail at Millenium Smoke Shop

MiniNail offers fully customizable eNail kits. Built for the daily dabber, the units fit in the palm of your hand with fully adjustable temperatures maxing out at 1000 degrees with low power usage. These eNails are pre-calibrated for accurate temperatures. MiniNail eNails come with a 2-year warranty.

In conclusion, I hope this helps clear the air and shed some light on eNails for you.  As always, I hope you enjoy often and safely!

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