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Clean Your Game and Enjoy The Lifestyle!

Santa Cruz Shredders are herbal grinders and accessories that are engineered to clean your game, give you better herb performance, easier preparatory processes, flowing lifestyle enjoyment and an over all better experience. From radial designed teeth, to a revolutionary new threading design, superior gripping, and a T304 micronic precision woven non-fraying stainless steel screen. Santa Cruz Shredders prides itself as the best grinder available for medical customers.

Santa Cruz Shredder grinders

Santa Cruz Shredders are engineered to perfection. After analyzing the inner working of how proper tooth design in herbal grinders should work, Santa Cruz Shredders engineers utilized CAD software to invent the most perfect shredder or grinder on the market. These radial designed teeth prevent burrs and tiny flakes of aluminum from mixing into your herbal blends.

They did not stop with proper teeth. Santa Cruz Shredder solved the frustrating problem of being able to open your grinder after a multitude of uses and they get sticky. Santa Cruz Shredders developed a unique and proprietary thread pattern designed to eliminate the binding and permanent seizing of the screw together parts of the grinder. The threaded surfaces are anodized to eliminate galling or other form of surface damage that arises when two sliding metals come in contact with one another.

Santa Cruz Shredders have a superior grip that is preferred by medial patients. The "Knurled" grip is much more pronounced than other grinders which improves hand and finger grip. Quick inspection reveals the superior grip pattern as well as how much easier it is to turn. This extremely graspable lid makes it easier to rotate the grinder. It also lowers the torque required to use the product and provides a "buttery", smooth fluffing tool.

Santa Cruz Shredders also sport superior screens because better screens mean better results. The Santa Cruz Shredder uses T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screens which are the most optimal micron size of any grinder on the market today. Other grinders use a lower micron size which makes a larger opening and create the appearance that they do not work by letting more "stuff" filter through. They actually allow more impurities like dirt, fertilizer, bug dropping ect to pass into your final pollen compartment. These screens are secured using a "drum-skin-tight" screen capturing design. This pulls the screen tight in all directions before permanently locking into place. Other grinders have loose screens that stretch and warp with time, causing the screen to fall out or adjust herbal blends out of the product.

Santa Cruz Shredder grinders use the highest quality of magnets in the world. Cheap magnets are weak and tend to fall out and their protecting coating flakes off into your smoking blend. Santa Cruz Shredders use Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnets. Nickel-Copper-Nickel triple layer coated for maximum durability and protection against abuse and corrosion. These superior magnets provide reliable lid closure that prevents your herbal blends from dying out, accidental spillage, and escaping odors. They are ISO Certified, top notch quality, provide superior performance, and guaranteed for life by Santa Cruz Shredders.

Santa Cruz Shredders 4 piece grinder

Santa Cruz Shredders use a Delrin friction ring on each aluminum grinder to ensure a "buttery" smooth grind every time. Delrin works as an excellent friction ring to Santa Cruz Shredders because of its high-tensile strength, low friction, and high wear resistance. Delrin exhibits low moisture absorption and it is chemically resistant making it Isopropyl Alcohol safe.

Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are the only grinders with strict Medical-Grade Ultrasonic Cleansing procedures. This procedure uses high frequency sound waves and a medical-grade solution to remove all contaminates from the grinder. Cavitation bubbles induced by this agitation act upon all contaminants embedded during the machining process. This action penetrates blind holes, cracks and even the tiniest recesses thoroughly removing all traces of contamination like dust, dirt, toxic machining lubricants, grease, fingerprints, and toxic polishing compounds tightly adhering to any surface. This is the same process used in the medical industry to disinfect medical instruments before surgical procedures.

Santa Cruz Shredders are scratch resistant due to anodizing. Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to create a strong and protective coating for aluminum that prevents corrosion, wear resistance, and galling of threaded parts. After an acid bath we suspend them in special tanks that pass an electrical current through the item creating a strong protective surface. Anodizing changes the microscopic texture of the surface and changes the crystal structure of the aluminum near the surface. It not only bonds to the surface, but actually molecularly becomes the new surface. Raw aluminum is a soft material prone to even the tiniest scratches. These ultra-high quality grinders are the only ones on the market today that offer true scratch resistance, using aerospace anodizing techniques for protection. Comparable grinders are raw aluminum and unsanitary which are highly susceptible to scratches, cross threading, and are only polished to provide a temporary illusion of quality. Santa Cruz Shredders are offered with glossy and matte anodized finishes.

In conclusion, Santa Cruz Shredders are the most advanced herbal grinders on the market today. They are safe, clean, deliver advanced performance, and best of all, they are made in the USA. Millenium Smoke Shop is a proud authorized dealer of Santa Crus Shredders. Get one today, clean your game and enjoy the lifestyle.

Santa Cruz Shredders Millenium Smoke Shop

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