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Whip-It! Whip-It!

Whip-Its Cream Charger

Millenium Smoke Shop is your authorized dealer of Whip-It cream chargers, propellants, torch lighters and we always have the lowest price on Whip Its.  Whip-It! brand dispensers and chargers are made to the highest quality standards in the world, manufactured at ISO 9001, ISO 9002, TUV certified factories. Our dispensers are available in a variety of styles and colors to accent any kitchen and be used to colorfully identify different ingredients and mixtures for any culinary project or special occasion. Make light voluminous toppings for desserts, beverages, appetizers or create extraordinary cuisines using molecular gastronomy. With Whip-It!, we bring your culinary imagination to life.

The dispensers are HACCP compliant and stainless steel models are NSF certified.
Innovative product designs made with premium quality materials.
Broad selection of fun and stylish models and a wide array of color options.
Preferred product for many of the nations' top restaurant and companies in food service, coffee, tea and beverage industries.

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